Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I started teraswhey

teraswhey has always been a personal thing for me.  When my kids grew up and took flight to other parts of the country, I did the only sensible thing and started a company.  Now teraswhey is another teenager for me, and it too has grown and changed and become more and more independent from me.  I remember when it was a dream in my head; now I've got a management team and 25 people in the company and teraswhey cans on the shelves all over the country.  

I feel that empty nest gaping hole creeping into my life again. I stop to reflect. Why did I start teraswhey?  Over the next few weeks I'll be writing letters to the people around me and posting them, because I find that is the best way to capture why I did this.  These are the personal stories at the root of all of this. It is my hope that they will inspire others to create extraordinary change.  We live in a world that needs it.

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