Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thanks Ken!

It seems like every year I’m getting on an airplane out of Madison with a slug of sinuous, gaunt, and ecstatic people who just finished the Wisconsin Ironman.  They sort of limp onto the plane and grimace while they carefully lower their sore bodies into the seats. 

I can’t even imagine attempting to do an Ironman…  Mini-tri’s are daunting enough for me.  People apparently love coming to ours because they can have great ethnic food, run through the University and state capital, and cycle through through rolling farmland on some of the best cycling routes in the country.

I’ve always struggled to figure out how teraswhey can participate in the event.  Booths there are very expensive for a small company like ours and the big athletic nutritional brands take up most of the space. While lots of ironman participants have whey protein in their training regimes, these folks also need lots of carbs, so terawhey is only the right product for recovery for them. They are also heavy users of what I call engineered protein products, because what they do to their bodies involves a level of punishment that stretches them beyond the normal limits of human activity.  That means they don’t tend to care much about unpronounceable additives in their protein powders.

So how does an organic, natural, not engineered product without a big marketing budget participate in the ironman?  This year my marketing genius friend Ken who owns Fromagination finally figured it out: Fromagination will be handing out pouches of teraswhey in their store, which is right by the finish line, most likely to the family members who are in town to support their loved ones who are busy doing the impossible.  We use the raw whey from a number of the cheeses they carry in the store, which is why we are there.  Ken and I are betting that lot of the people here to support their athletes or watch the race care about their own health and are looking for a whey product that is more natural and made for them.

Thanks Ken!

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